Thorleif Thorleifsson

Meet Line - Summer Intern

What have you been working with this summer?

This summer I have been working on filming and editing interviews of the employees and taking their portrait pictures. I have also visited Drammen Port with Ragnar, and I got to photograph two of their ships. Right now I am working on making introduction videos for the Maritime Optima team.

What have you learnt by working here?

I have learned about marketing strategies and how content marketing influences users. It is really exciting to see how the small details in every content make a huge difference in the final result. I have also learned more about the maritime industry during my time at Maritime Optima. I admire how this company has such an important impact on the industry. The maritime world is something that influences all of our lives every day, whether you are aware of it or not.

What’s most exciting about working here?

I enjoy being able to be creative at my job and having the opportunity to explore different and new ways to work, both as an individual and in a team. The Maritime Optima team is very supportive and has taken great care of me as a new intern.

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