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A modularised team software for maritime professionals. Tailor-make your software by selecting the modules you want.

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A user-friendly, flexible and affordable software

  • Start using the free ShipIntel Basic subscription. Unlock more value by subscribing and paying only for the modules you need.
  • Easy onboarding and online tutorials inside ShipIntel.
  • Free and unlimited access to support almost 24/7 by people with shipping experience.
  • Work in a team; add seats and invite your colleagues. User logs showing your and your team's activity.  
  • Cross-platform; your work and activities are synced between your devices, so you and your colleagues are continuously updated.
  • Module improvements are included in the subscription fee.
  • Each module only costs between €10 and €25 per seat per month (billed annually).
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ShipIntel - for all maritime professionals

Whether you are a ship broker, ship owner, or cargo owner, working in ship finance, banking, or marine insurance, or with a classification company, technical manager, supplier, or shipping agent, ShipIntel is the software for you.

Sebastian Venjar

Shipbroker at Hesnes Gas AS

Profile picture of Sebastian Venjar

We chose ShipIntel because it is easy to use, it is an innovative solution and comes with a very competitive price.

Jan Torgersen

CEO at Lighthouse Chartering Ltd

Profile picture of Jan Torgersen

We are very pleased with ShipIntel in our daily work and ShipIntel has been 'the gift that keeps on giving'.

Bo Sørensen

Owner of BSO Svendborg ApS

Profile picture of Bo Sørensen

We have used ShipIntel for more than a year now with great success.

In the beginning we only needed to see the positions of the fleet we work with, but overtime our requirements has increased and the team in Maritime Optima has always been very fast to implement our suggestions free of charge.

Peter T. M. Brandt

CEO at Dyna Shipping AS

Profile picture of Peter T. M. Brandt

We believe ShipIntel stands out on key points such as coverage, search/filter/lists, and user interface. The built-in distance/routing tools are very useful, and their roadmap to future functionality is impressive. Because the highly skilled IT team is supplemented with experienced shipping people, we feel confident that ShipIntel will continue to develop to our benefit.

Some functionality in a free ShipIntel Basic subscription

  • Unlimited search for vessels and ports.
  • Create unlimited numbers of sea routes from any vessel's AIS position to any ports, or create sea routes between ports.
  • Add unlimited numbers of notifications on vessels and ports and be notified when vessels arrive and depart ports.

  • Create unlimited numbers of private questionnaire templates for vessels.

  • Create unlimited lists of vessels and ports.
  • Add layers of information to your map; ECA, War Zones, Economic zones, canals with constrains etc.

  • Daily updated marine weather such as ice, waves, currents etc. with a 14 day weather forecast.

  • Shoot photos and upload documents directly attached to vessels or ports. Synced between your devices.
  • Add unlimited number of notes on the vessels, ports or list of vessels or ports, on the go.

  • Add unlimited numbers of fixtures (engagements) on vessels.

The modules in ShipIntel

Live AIS Ship Tracking

This is a must have module for everyone working in the maritime industry. Unlimited access to Live AIS data and tracks for the whole merchant fleet. Global AIS coverage; satellite and terrestrial data. All the vessels are using a class A sender, have valid IMO and MMSI numbers.

Historical AIS Data

Unlimited access to any of the vessels voyage history. A log is attached to each vessel showing where the vessel have been trading in the past. Each voyage leg is marked with "assume laden" or "assume ballast".

Precalc & Compare

Save hours each day doing pre-voyage calculations. Quickly make pre voyage calculations for a list of vessels and cargoes and compare their TCE, or you can set the TCE and ShipIntel will calculate the freight you need. If you have tankers you can also calculate round voyages. Add cargoes or vessels and compare with your bench marks. Works for dry cargo, tankers and LPG but it might also be useful for chemicals and LNG vessels.

AIS Contact Book

A perfect broker and chartering module. Save hours each day by synking your contact book and tag contacts and companies to fleet lists. Drag and drop your contacts and companies from Outlook as vcf files or bulk upload contacts and tag them to vessels or list of vessels. View the vessels in your list in the map with live AIS positions. Available on mobile and laptop. Call via WhatsApp or phone from your mobile.

Advanced Sea Routes

Create unlimited number of sea routes, get optional routes (for example, through the canal or via Cape Hope), route several vessels to the same port, or route one vessel to optional ports. Be notified about canal constraints. Get long lat coordinates, the distances in nautical miles, the live speed of the vessels, calculates the days in sea, and the ETA to the intended port. Add layers of information to your sea route like war zones, ECA /SECA zones, Exclusive Economic Zones, Marine weather, etc. Save the sea routes, and send sea routes to external partners.

Position List

Find the vessels matching the laycan, port, and cargo criteria. Get the cargo intake automatically calculated overwrite if yoy disagree. Find a probability model showing the likeliness of vessels arriving at the port based on trading pattern. Get warnings if a vessel might not be relevant for your cargo. Add notes, fixtures, or other engagements to the vessels and get their next open/available position. Use the auto re-compute to update the position lists or you can manually update the position list.

Monitoring and Notifications

The module for monitoring and notifications for ports and areas is a must-have for everyone working in the maritime industry.  You will find statistics on time spent in ports for specific types of vessels. Find the vessels in port, vessels waiting at anchorage, recent departures, and vessels expected to arrive. Be notified when vessels set a destination with ETA and later changes in destination. Find the type of vessels trading in specific areas like AG, the Mediterranean Sea, the Norwegian Exclusively Economical Zone, war zones etc.

Team Notebook

In ShipIntel you can add notes to vessels, ports, list of vessels or list of ports. Add the notes on your go from your mobile phone or laptop. Find all the notes you and your team have added in your notebook. Search by using free text. Filter by author, name of vessels or ports or find notes added for a specific period of time.

Vessel Lists

Create unlimited numbers of vessel lists based on specific criteria and get live AIS information attached to each vessel in your list. You will quickly get an understanding of the vessels current operations, last ports and next destination and their ETAs. You will also get estimates of whether the vessels are in laden or ballast condition and the predicted destination.


Get started by uploading data from the ShipIntel database and create your private questionnaire template for free. The information you add later is only available to you and your colleagues. If you add data, you will improve the quality of your vessel search since the search algorithms have better data for their search, and you will save time when calculating sea routes and pre-voyage calculation. The best thing is that you will always have a updated questionnaire in your pocket.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.

Your work is synced between your devices

A personal and a team activity log. Get notifications when a colleague adds information or makes some changes.
Data and activities are synced between your devices, so you and your team are always updated. Same login on your mobile or laptop.
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Cloud solutions, big data, machine learning and AI

You have probably heard about big data, AI and ML, but you might not fully understand what these technologies can do for you and your company and how this can improve your decision making.

According to various reports, companies investing in big data, cloud computing, mobility, and data security enjoy more than 50 % faster revenue growth than their competitors. These companies are more efficient in running their organizations, providing better customer service, and increasing their overall profit margins

ShipIntel aims to unlock your digital potential.

Work in teams and improve the quality of your decisions, be more efficient, and less stressed

Working in any company involved with the maritime industry means you always have to explore opportunities in a rapidly changing market. You must collect information to make the right decisions in a continuously changing world. Therefore you have to search for and collect the information you need efficiently.

The takeaways from successful collaboration in teams seem to be:

  • It makes people more dependable
  • It helps to share knowledge across the company
  • It helps you invest in and retain people in your company
  • Work is important to people and they want to deliver with higher quality

In ShipIntel, you can invite your colleagues to your team, set up several teams, be notified when someone in your team has updated some information. Send data to selected external partners. Find the team member's activity in a user log.

Data security and access control

When you sign up for a new account, we will unlock a private zone on our servers for each team, so your data and team info will be kept confidential, and you don't need to worry about data security.

We encrypt your data. We use individual security settings. Your input and work are only accessible to those you have authorized. You can lock your mail domains if you only want to invite team members with a specific email address from your company's email domain.

Our software products and business models are fully GDPR compliant.

Our software services and products run on Microsoft Azure, and we will support Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resources and services a company subscribes to. MS AD allows you to control access to employees' apps and app resources based on your company's business requirements.