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A smart maritime office at your fingertips.
A modulised software for maritime professionals focusing on team efficiency. Customise a software for your needs by selecting the modules you want.

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Why use ShipIntel?


A pre-fixture module. Efficient workflow and shipping market analysis. Set up “your fleet” and assign open vessels to colleagues. Build your cargo library and map fixtures. Make pre-voyage calculations for groups of ships and cargoes in seconds, with carbon emissions, sensitivities and TCE comparisons. Auto-filled email for quick offers back to your brokers.


Find shortest route from any vessels to any port, with bunker and carbon emissions. Bunker prices, grades, and availability in any of the ports. A map with your fleet, daily updated weather. Add layers such as canal constraints, ECA/SECA  zones. A notebook for internal communication. Easy access to vessels technical descriptions, documents, and photos.

Top Management

View your team’s open positions and find your fleet in the map. Search and create list of vessels like: “MR tankers less than 5 years old”. Add the lists of vessels to your private map, find their real-time position and study their trading pattern. Very quick to do reliable pre-voyage calculations.

Technical Management

Accessible and easy to share technical descriptions in different questionnaire templates for any vessel. Add or shoot photos and attach inspection reports, documents, and notes directly to the vessels. Sync documents, contact details and photos directly attached to the vessels. Follow your or your clients’ vessels in the map, find the next port and ETA and plan for inspections.

Ship Brokerage

Create unlimited numbers of position lists. Make lists of your principals vessels and follow their trades in the map. Do quick pre-voyage calculations and compare their TCE. Add cargoes to your clients’ cargo feed, help them to quickly calculate so you get their commitment and their offer first. Add notes, integrate with Microsoft Teams, and share knowledge with your colleagues.

Investors and FFAs

Read the news and explore the details in real-time in ShipIntel or ShipAtlas. Congestion and accidents usually mean higher freight rates, you find the updated information in ShipIntel. Study vessels within segments (like Panamax, Dry cargo or Aframax tankers), sort by age and see where the vessels have been trading.

Port & Service Providers

Are you working with port services, insurance, banking, crewing, with a classification societies,  or some other service providers? Create list of vessels for each client, follow your clients vessels in a map. Sync documents, contact details and photos directly to the vessels. Add notes, integrate with Microsoft Teams, and share knowledge with your colleagues.

ShipIntel - a smart maritime office at your fingertips

Save hours per day on pre- voyage calculations

Calculate & compare the TCE for one cargo and one vessel, or a group of vessels and many cargoes. Get the TCE per cargo per vessel listed. Auto calculate the needed freight rate for the group of vessels and cargoes to reach a specific TCE (usd/day). Quickly give an offer after you have decided which cargo you want to offer in on. Star mark the fixed vessels or cargo.

Save hours per day by building a cargo library

A library where you can add or parse available (market or private) cargoes quoted by your brokers. The cargoes are tagged with "the broker's contact details." Map the quoted market cargoes and vessels when they are fixed and have your always updated cargo and fixture library at your fingertips.

Save hours by working in teams

Whether you are a broker, a chartering manager or working for some other company involved with the maritime industry, you might want to run your organisation more efficiently. Set up your internal team, share content and knowledge, and involve each other to make better decisions and increase your overall profit margins.

Team's fleet and assign vessels to colleagues

Set up your team's fleet list, listed with the next open port and dates. Assign responsibility of vessels to colleagues, so each colleague will have their list of ships and cargoes for which they are responsible. Shown in your map or as a list. Accessible from laptop and mobile device.

Create, save and share list of vessels, list of ports and position lists

Filter and find relevant vessels able to reach specific laycans and ports. Viewed as a list where you can hide vessels not relevant and add you comments and shown in your map.

All features from the ShipAtlas application

All features from the ShipAtlas service; like vessel data, vessel and trade tracking, port activities, congestions, sea route calculator, daily updated marine weather, ice conditions, piracy, map layers and much more. Read more on the ShipAtlas product page.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a mobile.

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Use the same login on your mobile and laptop/desktop. Your data is automatically synced on all your devices.
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Efficient organisations, better customer service and increased profit margins

According to a Dell report, companies investing in big data, cloud computing, mobility, and data security enjoy 53 % faster revenue growth than their competitors. These companies are more efficient in running their organizations, providing better service to their customers, and increasing their overall profit margins.

Working in any type of company involving with the maritime industry, means you always have to explore opportunities in a rapidly changing market. You have to continuously collect information to make the right decisions, and you have to be efficient searching for and collecting the information you need.

ShipIntel is a cloud based service, built on big data, machine learning and industry competence. ShipIntel aims to help you run your organization more efficiently, help you serve your customers better, and to increase your overall profit margins.

Efficient workflows, sync of data and APIs

Efficient workflows
Invite your colleagues, set up workflows and a user-log will help you coordinate. Share notes, contact register, photos and documents.

Parse emails
Parse emails with vessels positions (noon report), market cargoes and fixtures directly to your workspace.

APIs and transfer of work flows to other software.
Example: Use ShipIntel for pre-fixtures and do post-fixtures in your existing software (if the existing software is cloud based)

Import of data to your ShipIntel
Example: Sync your vessel database directly to your workspace in ShipIntel. Sync documents and photos from your master server through Sharepoint and use ShipIntel as your viewer.

Send, exchange and collaborate with externals
Send a position list, routes and exchange technical data etc. We want to discuss with you how you want to work with your partners.

Data security and access control

We encrypt your data. We use individual security settings. Your input and work are only accessible to those you have authorised. You can lock your mail domains if you only want to invite team members with a specific email address from your company's email domain.

Our software products and business models are fully GDPR compliant.

Our software services and products run on Microsoft Azure, and we will support Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resources and services a company subscribes to. By using MS AD, you can control access for employees apps and app resources, based on your companies business requirements.