Who are we?

Maritime Optima is on a mission to help people working on the commercial side of the maritime industry unlock their digital potential. We believe the best decision-making systems are based on domain knowledge, technology, and algorithms. We also want decision-making systems to be user-friendly and available across platforms.

Maritime Optima was founded in April 2018 by Kristin Omholt-Jensen and her sons after mapping software in use and interviewing people working in the industry. The company came into operation and had its first employees in June 2019, while Pål-Robert Engnæs embarked as as the CTO in April 2020.

Norway is a small country, and most companies have very little bureaucracy and hierarchies. We have a well-functional maritime cluster of companies providing various services to the global maritime industry. That makes Norway an excellent place for developing game-changing maritime software.

We launched a test/beta version of Maritime Optima (now: ShipAtlas) in September 2020. The first MVP was launched in December 2020. Today the company is funded by the founders, some employees, shipping investors, and Krysse AS. The company is also supported by Innovation Norway.

We have become a team of 14 employees plus some students working part-time.

Our vision, mission and strategy

Our vision

Enhance your tailwind with maritime intelligence at your fingertips.

Our mission

We want to help people working in the maritime industry unlock their digital potential by providing smart maritime software products built on industry knowledge and big data.

Our strategy

  • Build a cross disciplinary team with people having practical work experience from the industry, developers with solid tech knowledge, data engineers and data scientist, enjoying working together.
  • Frequently improve the products based on feedback from users and customers.
  • Provide user and customer service with industry knowledge and a smile.
  • Collaborate with other software products to create more value for our customers.

Our values

We are curious. We listen and discuss; to better understand how we can help unlock the users' and customers' digital potential.

We aim to build a great team where everyone matters, thrives, develops their skills, and expands their knowledge because great teams are inspired and committed and will find the best solutions for the customers, the company, the people working here, and the environment.

We care about the ocean, and we want to contribute to maintaining and restoring the ocean's health. 

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