Scholarships and internships

Did you know that Maritime Optima offers scholarships for master students?

In cooperation with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) we offer scholarships for students who want to write master’s thesis based on access to structured maritime data.

The scholarship program is also open for students from other universities.

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Internships and part-time work

Maritime Optima works closely with universities to find and develop talents. We aim to create a community with skilled people that is as excited about the maritime industry and the opportunities access to marine data might create. We have a close relation to some of the largest global shipping companies which has been our R&D partners since we started the company.

Are you interested in working in an exciting industry, with skilled people and in a great team? Contact one of our employees on our web page, so you can ask questions and get more details.

Morten working at his desk at Maritime Optima.

“As a recently graduated student, the Maritime Optima internship has given me insight into many new and relevant technologies through an exciting project. I had a great time as an intern at Maritime Optima, and I am looking forward to continuing working here.”

Jørgen Hanssen
Jørgen Hanssen
Former intern, now Full Stack Developer in Maritime Optima

Bachelor and master students

Employees sitting together in Maritime Optima's offices.

Are you a Bachelor or Masters student in your final year of school, interested in working with an exciting project for your final thesis? We want to help you find project that is suited for you or your group, giving you the chance to make something exciting that you can be proud to be a part of.

During this amazing journey, you will work as a part of our team where you will have access to resources and guidance. Through work sessions and meetings, we hope to be able to solve problems and learn as a group. We are just as excited as you to embark on this journey and we will stand by you all the way.

Read about the previous student projects based on Maritime Optima's work and data:

“Working at Maritime Optima during the summer months has been great. The tech-stack is modern and well thought out, and I have been given the opportunity to learn a lot in a short amount of time. During these short months, I feel like I have grown as a developer and I am very pleased that I was able to contribute to such an awesome project.  I look forward to coming back next summer.”

Morten Omholt-Jensen
Morten Omholt-Jensen
Former intern, now Full Stack Developer in Maritime Optima

If you a student you can have the Standard plan for free?

Send us a presentation of yourself, your program and what you are studying and we will unlock the paid features for you and make them available during your studies. Send an email to:

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