Service & Equipment Providers, Agents & Technical Ship Managers

In ShipIntel you can build an AIS based CRM system by linking customers or potential customers to their vessels, gain access to their vessels’ technical descriptions, learn where their vessels are trading, and expand your business and customer knowledge.

You can access crucial information about a diverse range of vessel types, including car, container, dry cargo, tankers, LPG, LNG, oil service, chemicals, and more.

Get notified when your customers’ vessels set a destination to a port or when the vessels arrive at anchorages and ports, making it easy for you to plan the logistics ahead.

Add maintenance schedules, installation instructions, and service plans to each vessel, when services are sold to customers. Then your colleagues performing the services have easy access to the technical information, installation instructions and work orders, giving them quick and easy access to the work they plan to do when embarking on a vessel.

When the job is done, their work can be documented by adding pictures and notes directly attached to the vessel, and the colleagues will be notified that the job has been done.

ShipIntel ensures you and your colleagues are on the same page and have access to accurate information about vessel schedules, arrivals and durations of stay, along with work orders, notes and maintenance instructions.


ShipIntel is accessible on both mobile and web platforms, providing a portable maritime office at your fingertips.

Flexible software

Explore the free version of ShipIntel and customize your own software with the modules you need as you go.

Team collaboration

Guarantee everyone is on the same page; invite your colleagues to join teams, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged.

An AIS based CRM system in your pocket

Carry a lightweight maritime CRM system in your pocket.

Add your clients and your contacts and tag their associated vessels. Enhance the lists with live AIS data to find the vessels real-time positions on your map or addhistorical AIS data to trace their past trading activities.

Add documents and photos to vessels and ports, add notes with comments. Receive notifications for vessel events such as setting destinations, passing lines in the ocean or entering or leaving specific areas, and arrivals or departures from ports.

Effortless documentation management

Organize your documents like maintenance schedules, installation instructions, and service plans to each vessel. Ensure your team have access to the same technical information, installation instructions and work orders, letting them know what to do when they embark a vessel.

When the job is done, document the work done by adding photos and notes

Forge your own technical database

Start with public technical descriptions of all vessels, and make private templates for your team for the vessels you need. Input your own data and build a privatetechnical database shared within the team.  

Private templates give quick access when anyone in your team need it. The templates are featuring all questionnaire elements from Shell Form B, Shell Form C, Q88, and the Baltic Form. Organized into sections, allowing efficient searches in the questionnaire.

Customized lists of vessels based on your needs

Create private and customized lists of vessels for each of your potential clients, specific type of vessels, vessels built at specific yards, new buildings etc.

Enhance your private vessel lists with live AIS for real-time vessel positions on your map, and incorporate historical AIS data to trace the trading history of the vessels.

Activate notifications to stay informed about vessel destinations, arrivals, or departures from anchorages, ports, or designated areas.

Take note of your insights

Record on-the-go insights and attach notes to vessels, ports, and lists, ensuring vital details are effortlessly shared and never misplaced within your team with ShipIntel's notebook feature.

Notes are synchronized with your team and your different devices. Utilize the notebook feature for creating to-do lists and brief documentation of your deliveries or actions.

More than just a map

Benefit from ShipIntel's live AIS data, ensuring the latest maritime insights whether you're on the go or in the office. Easily find the lat long coordinates, timestamps, current speed, whether the vessel is in ballast or laden condition, last port and next port. Find what the vessel gives as it ETA.

Delve into vessels' historical trading patterns, and receive insights into past voyages and frequented ports, helping you better understand where the vessels will be trading in the future.

Calculate sea routes with ease

Create sea routes from a vessel's live AIS position to any port or a combination of ports, or route between ports. Add the daily updated marine weather layer (wind, waves, currents or precipitations) or the 14 days forecast, adjust the speed and find the calculated ETA for any of the vessels to any of the ports.

Add layers of information, like ECA zones and change fuel type and have the carbon emissions calculated for each leg of the journey.

Save and share sea routes along with your comments with your customers or external partners and have their feedback. Receive alerts if a vessel set a destination, pass lines, enter areas, or arrives or departs from ports.