Shipowners, Ship & Cargo Operators & Shipbrokers

In the fast-paced world of chartering, accurate processing and evaluation of excessive amounts of daily information like emails, calls, and messages is necessary to make informed decisions and grasp freight market trends.

Staying ahead to lower risks and optimize TCE earnings for portfolios of cargoes and vessels, requires more than just information – it demands a software letting you combine your knowledge and experience with data insight.

With freight rates and available cargoes in constant change, it takes time to get prepared for discussions and negotiating with your brokers. The Cargo Email AI parses your cargoes directly into machine readable templates and your private cargo list, making the cargoes instantly available for your pre-voyage calculations.

Simplify the process of doing pre-voyage calculations and TCE comparison for groups of vessels and cargoes. Find where and when the vessels will be open, find calculated carbon emissions and places to bunker. This makes ShipIntel an essential decision-making tool for chartering managers.

Use the sea route calculator and create sea routes from any of the vessels AIS position or from port-to port, find different sea-route options and calculate carbon emissions, or you can create a lists of vessels and notified about changes in vessels trades. Helping you to judge the situation so you are prepared to discuss with your brokers and give them quick offers and replies.

ShipIntel is an affordable and user-friendly software. By combining the the three packages; The Essentials, Maritime Office and Chartering Tools, chartering desks, ship operators, and brokers will be empowered with the insights needed for strategic and informed decision-making.


ShipIntel is accessible on both mobile and laptop platforms, providing a portable maritime office at your fingertips.

Flexible software

Explore the free version of ShipIntel and customize your own software with the modules you need as you go.

Team collaboration

Guarantee everyone is on the same page; invite your colleagues to join teams, and ensure everyone stays informed and engaged.

Work with partners

Send sea routes with your comments to external partners. Receive cargo emails from externals or send a freight offer to your brokers.

Cargo email AI

Use the Cargo Email AI and maximize your team's efficiency by configuring your private email parser to seamlessly parse cargoes directly into your private cargo lists and structured cargo templates. Your cargo list shows different type of cargoes as; market, private or COA cargoes.

Avoid conflict of interests by following the cargo status live, pending on where in the loop the cargo is; open, in negotiations, fixed on subs, fixed and failed or finally fully fixed.

Add your private notes on the cargoes to discuss the relevancy, what freight rate is obtainable, how to negotiate and which broker to support. Save hours each day running pre-voyage calculations and compare different TCEs for a combination of vessels and cargoes..

Cargo list

There are many ways to add cargoes. You can use the Cargo Email AI to auto parse cargoes into your private cargo list, or use ChatGPT to help you auto-fill details about a cargo one-by-one, or you can manually add the cargo details.

The cargoes will be stored in structured templates and you can mark them as market cargoes, private, or COA cargoes. Stay informed about the live status of each cargo, tracking its progress through different stages such as open, in negotiations, fixed on subs, fixed and failed, and finally, fully fixed.

Add your private notes on the cargoes to discuss the relevancy, what freight rate is obtainable, how to negotiate and which broker to support. From your cargo list you can quickly add the cargoes in workspaces, add vessels and get the TCE comparison for a group of vessels and cargoes.

Voyage calculations

Elevate your efficiency in pre-voyage calculations with ShipIntel's voyage calculation feature. Tailored for dry cargo, tankers, and LPG, and  chemical and LNG.

Optimize your daily routine by conducting pre-voyage calculations and compare TCE for groups of vessels and cargoes. Start from any vessel in the map (search for a vessel or click on a vessel in the map), start a from your fleet list, or start from a cargo in your cargo list.

Instantly create a workspace where you can add multiple vessels and cargoes, enabling seamless comparisons of TCE, days, next open port, and carbon emissions in a matter of seconds.

The Essential toolkit

A tool box tailored for cargo and ship operators and their ship-brokers. Access live AIS data updated every 5th minute, look up historical AIS data to study vessels' historical trading patterns. The raw AIS data are supplied from satellites, terrestrials and dynamic sources for all types and sizes of vessels, in-housed mapped and processed.

Customize private maps based on your needs and include layers of information e.g. daily updated weather, ECA and war zones etc. Create sea routes from any vessel's live AIS position to any port or a combination of ports, or route between ports, and quickly find the vessels ETAs to any ports and the calculated carbon emissions.

Tailor list of vessel and ports. Gain port insight by monitoring vessel schedules and present traffic in ports & areas. Be notified about vessels arriving, departing, or passing through specific areas, or crossing lines in the ocean.

Maritime Office

Save valuable time and organize and access essential documents, like charterparties, GA and capacities plans.

Add notes on the go from your mobile or laptop, directly attached to vessels, ports, list of vessels or ports and find your notes tagged on the vessels, ports etc or in your notebook.

Capture and manage photos directly from your mobile, effortlessly linked to vessels and ports, enhancing visual insights. and share it within your team.

Build your private technical database for all the vessels you are involved with. Manually input or sync with your OneDrive. Your input is automatically synced between your devices and remains confidential within your team.