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Hello Welcome to Maritime Optima, 

You are going to write a bachelor thesis in cooperation with Maritime Optima, tell us a little bit about yourselves :-)

What do you know about the maritime industry? Do you have some relatives or friends working in the industry?

Svein-Kåre: Although I have a few friends who work in the offshore industry, I don't know anyone working on board merchant ships. Thus, my grandfather worked on crude oil tankers for much of his life. However, I find the Captain's app project very interesting because I think we can bring along knowledge from other industries and applications and hopefully develop something beneficial for many parties.  

Joakim: I don't know anyone working in the industry, but I find it interesting to work on a software project focusing on this industry. The industry has a vast potential in improving the way they communicate. There seem to be many parties asking for the same type of information and very little focus on a structured way to communicate. I enjoy automation and look forward to getting to know a new industry.    

Charley: My stepdad used to work with Aker BP, and my step-sister is a marine biologist, but I am embarrassed to say that I have minimal knowledge of the maritime industry, but I want to learn more.  

You are going to write a bachelor thesis with the working title "Captain's app." Can you tell us about the project?

Captain's app is a project in which the goal is to create an application that aims to connect the crew with their friends and families. 

Sailors are often onboard a vessel for more than 12 months and thus far away from their families. The crew onboard can shoot photos and chat with their friends and families. They can tell where they are and where they are heading, so their families know. The application can also be a kind of diary or logbook for the crew members. We will work with a lot of cool tech, and it involves mobile devices and computers. Connectivity is a huge issue, but we have learned that costs will decrease and connectivity will improve, so we think we are very fortunate to work with this kind of project. 

Why did you find this project interesting?

The scale of the project, the modern technology stack, and the energetic and engaging nature of the people at Maritime Optima made this project no 1. This team seems to have a rare combination of cool tech and enthusiastic people, and reliable domain knowledge. 

What do you think will be the most challenging part of the project?

Caching, compression, and data transmission are some of the challenges we foresee since the internet connection and data transfer at sea are volatile and expensive since they utilize a satellite link. 

Also, working closely with potential users of the app represents a new dimension for all of us, which will be engaging and challenging regarding the current pandemic situation.

Kristin adds:

Sounds great. Good luck with your project. 

We are looking forward to getting to know you and learning more about the project and the progress.

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