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Meet Kumar - Senior Frontend Developer

Welcome to Maritime Optima Kumar! Tell us a bit about yourself, about your background? Your education? What are your interests? What have you been doing before you joined Maritime Optima?

I am from Ranchi, India, a small town in Eastern India. I did my Bachelor of technology (B-Tech) in Electronics and communication engineering from Netaji Subhash engineering college Kolkata India.

I got interested in software development in college so I started exploring the field. I got my first job with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) a reputed MNC from India.

I moved to Oslo in 2016 with the intention to be in Oslo for 3 months, but I fell in love with the city and decided to stay longer and now it feels like home.

There are so many digital maritime initiatives and start-ups around. What caught your interest in Maritime Optima?

What really made me interested in Maritime Optima, is seeing the enthusiasm of people working here. I can see how proud they feel with what they are creating.

About the company’s initiatives I believe the digitalisation of the Marine industry was long asked and I really feel that our products can make a difference.

What do you think might be the essential criteria to become a successful start-up?

As a successful start-up I believe we should be able to get all the stakeholders involved. Take feedback and be flexible, yet firm with ambition on what to achieve.

What are your responsibilities in Maritime Optima? Where/with what do you think you will contribute as a frontend developer? What do you look forward to working with? What are your favorite programming languages?

As a frontend developer, my main responsibility is working with the web and making our product features ready. Ensure an elegant user experience and create a product which is capable of scaling in future.

I like working with typescript and React js along with other frontend technologies. In the past I have worked in AngularJS, JAVA, PHP.

We aim to build a great team where everyone matters, thrives, develops their skills, and expands their knowledge because great teams are inspired and committed and will find the best solutions for the customers, the company, the people working here, and the environment. How would you describe a great team?

In my opinion, a great team is where it is easy to talk out, be able to share knowledge and can get constructive feedback.

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