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Meet Kaja - part time graphic designer and student

Welcome to Maritime Optima Kaja. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thanks! My name is Kaja Solstad and I am 22 years old. I am currently studying Game Design & Arts in Winchester, UK. But, due to the pandemic, I will be in Norway till October.

I grew up in Rykkinn, but moved to Sandvika for secondary school. I have always been very passionate about creative arts; reading, writing, painting, singing, playing music, but I have also immersed myself in many sports, and developed a passion for plants.

Tell us a little bit about your background? Your education? What have you been doing before you joined Maritime Optima?

After Secondary School, I served in the Norwegian Army for a year. I then moved to the United States to take art classes at the University of North Florida, where I studied for 18 months until I discovered what I truly wanted to work with. This led me to the United Kingdom where I am currently studying Games Design & Art at the Winchester School of Arts at the University of Southampton.

What will be your responsibilities in Maritime Optima?

In Maritime Optima I will be in charge of Graphic Design, but I will also assist wherever I am needed since we are a small independent company. I aspire to provide intuitive design and aesthetically pleasing illustrations and solutions.

There are so many “digital maritime initiatives” / start-ups - what do you think is unique with Maritime Optima?

Maritime Optima is a diverse company with employees from many different backgrounds with unique skills and experiences. I knew nothing about shipping prior to Maritime Optima, but I have come to understand how complex the shipping industry is. I believe the services  Maritime Optima will provide can become invaluable to its clients due to their innovative and mobile features.

Anything else you want to share with us Kaja?

I am looking forward working with the team and to start working with our new web pages, which will be my first tasks “on duty”!

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