Smart voyage calculations

Even though real-time data, machine learning, algorithms, and deep learning will dominate maritime chartering in years to come, voyage calculations will always be the back-bone of commercial decisions.

Save hours each day on voyage calculations

The continuous flow of information makes treatment and evaluation of the collected data necessary for a correct judgment of the current situation and trends in the freight markets.

Judgement is done by running a number of voyage calculations

Work in the chartering department therefore includes many hours of reading emails and doing voyage calculations, comparing the TCE for different vessels vs. the market trends.

Voyage calculations and a risk management system are the most important decision-making tools for people working in maritime chartering. Even though real-time data, machine learning, algorithms, and deep learning will dominate maritime chartering the years ahead, we believe voyage calculations will still be done.

In Maritime Optima you can do voyage calculations for dry cargo vessels, tankers and LPG. Later you can do voyage calculations for chemical vessels and LNG.

By using Maritime Optima's «Pre-calc & Compare», you will save many hours each day that you can spend on other value-creating work.

You can quickly do "back of the envelope" voyage calculations for one vessel or voyage calculations for a fleet of vessels and/or cargoes. If you do voyage calculations for a group of vessels and cargoes you can optimize the TCE and the system helps you to remember why you chose a cargo before another when you later go back and check.

You can run voyage pre-calculations from many places in Maritime Optima:

Set up your fleet of vessels

Set up your fleet of vessels and assign the commercial responsibility to your colleagues so each of you quickly can do voyage pre-calculations on a group of vessels and compare the TCE results for vessels in a position to lift the cargo. Each colleague will get a list of the vessels under their responsibility.

Chartering in a vessel? Compare your fleet with other external vessels

Some vessels give better earnings if they carry grain while others are better with coal. You can compare the TCE for the vessels in your fleet for specific cargoes, and you can add specific vessels or list of external vessels you want to run voyage calculation for and compare them. Instead of spending a lot of time doing voyage calculations one by one every time you hear about a cargo option, you will be able to calculate the TCE for a group of vessels and cargoes in seconds and store them in your work space.

Add the cargo details from cargo quotes

Add the cargo details of any cargo. The cargo will be added to your cargo library for later reference. Contact us if you want to auto parse these cargoes into your cargo library.

Create a calculation workspace

Choose which segment you are in; dry-cargo, tankers, LPG or LNG. Create a workspace and name it as you like. For example: “Cargill 70 000 mt ex USG” , or “Open positions week 42 in Atlantic” etc. Then you quickly can access the voyage calculations you have done, and add new cargoes to your workspace if new cargoes come in the market.

The TCE and days needed to perform the voyage for different vessels will be listed so you quickly can compare their TCE results.  You will have days, TCE and next port open listed and you can sort and filter. You will find the days for performing the voyage, the estimated TCE and the estimated carbon emissions.

If the vessels you add are missing some information you get a warning. If your vessels are too late for the laycan dates or they can't load the minimum cargo, you get a notification.

Don’t lose out on a cargo for being too late with your indication/offer

Later we will give you the option to give a quick freight quote via a pre-filled email opened directly from the voyage calculation, with the cargo quote and your freight rate. You can quickly adjust it and send it to your broker. A team user log will show all the team's activity.

We believe in data and knowledge driven maritime chartering decisions

Use the "My fleet", voyage pre-calc and compare section and notice that you will save hours each day calculating. You will be able to give a quick indication or an offer in a dropping market where the first offer might mean you get the cargo, and you will have time to study the market and explore new business opportunities.

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We believe in data- and knowledge-driven maritime chartering decisions

Our goal is to develop a modern, user-friendly maritime chartering software, and we think the best approach is to work together with the users. Therefore we have made it easy for you to get started with Maritime Optima.

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You will save time and have more time available for market intelligence, strategy discussions and building sustainable business relationships, and to explore new value chains.

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