Svein B. Nordeng


Svein B. Nordeng is a reputed shipping executive and entrepreneur, whom for years was among the leading tanker brokers trading crude oil to China. His career started around 1990 in Johan G. Olsen Shipbrokers dry-cargo department in his hometown Kristiansand. Later he moved to South Korea where he spent 3 years working as broker for companies including Fearnleys Korea. After being invited to join the JGO tanker desk in 1996, he put his full attention on the Chinese tanker market and soon became one of the few western brokers to work with Chinese charterers directly.

In 2005 he set up his own company, Frontier Shipbroking which for years was one of the most active shipbroking companies in Norway for VLCC and suezmax chartering to China.

Svein has always had a passion for business-applied technology and has previously worked with the potential development of other tanker market digitalization platforms. He is very enthusiastic about his involvement with Maritime Optima and looks forward to exerting his vast experience and influence in the development of this product.

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