Integrate with Microsoft 365

Integrate ShipIntel Essentials with Microsoft Teams. Connect your team by creating and sharing ShipIntel Essentials dashboards inside your Microsoft Teams channels and groups, on the web and in the Microsoft Teams mobile application.

Customers using the Microsoft 365 and support the Microsoft Entra protocol, can tell their employees to login to ShipIntel by using the Microsoft SSO. Then ShipIntel becomes a part of your company's IT data and security policy and your employees data is then protected by the Microsoft Entra protocol. ShipIntel runs on Microsoft Azure.

ShipIntel integrated with Microsoft.
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Working hand in hand with Maritime Optima is an exhilarating journey for Microsoft.

Their dedication to pioneering solutions aligns seamlessly with our commitment to innovation. Together, we embark on an exciting venture, leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine possibilities in the maritime landscape.

Collaborating with Maritime Optima ignites the thrill of pushing boundaries and shaping the future of maritime technology.

Connect your team by adding ShipIntel Essentials to Microsoft Teams

ShipIntel Essentials is the only maritime app available in the Microsoft Marketplace. Search for "maritime" in the Microsoft Stores and pin ShipIntel Essentials to the Teams menu, enabling your team to share information without compromising data security.

Customize your ShipIntel views to align with your Microsoft Teams setup. Tag a view in ShipIntel Essentials per Microsoft channel, such as specific vessel lists in one channel, live AIS maps focused on specific vessel types in another channel or monitor key ports in a third Teams channel. You can also pin the entire ShipIntel Essentials app directly in the Microsoft menu.

A PC and a smartphone showing ShipIntel Essentials integrated in Microsoft Teams, displaying the Essentials tollkit's Live AIS feature, real-time maritime traffic information and vessel movement on both screens.

Microsoft Entra for data security and access control

ShipIntel Essentials and ShipIntel Pre-Fix are fully GDPR compliant. Maritime Optima encrypts your data and use individual security settings to ensure that only authorized individuals can access your data and work.

Microsoft Entra safeguards connections between people, applications, resources, and devices with multicloud identity and network access products. This allows your IT department to control your company's data and determine which employees are authorized to access any software in use.

Both ShipIntel Essentials and ShipIntel Pre-Fix comply with the Microsoft Entra protocol. You can login via your company's Microsoft Entra Access control, ensuring full compliance with your organization's IT security policy.