Voyage Calculation

Those engaged in chartering and ship broking are important receivers and distributors of information. The continuous flow of information and treatment and evaluation of the collected information is necessary to correctly judge the current situation and trends in the freight markets. Accuracy, reliability, speed, and timing of decisions are of utmost importance.

Voyage calculations might be the most essential decision-making tool for chartering managers. Since the freight rate and available cargoes and vessels constantly change, chartering managers spend hours each day calculating the potential earnings for vessels to be prepared to start negotiating through their brokers.

In ShipIntel, you will find all the cargo information you need to calculate and compare USD/day quickly and efficiently for many voyage calculations.

By using the voyage calculation module in ShipIntel, you will save hours each day in doing your voyage calculations. You will have more time to understand and evaluate the alternatives, and more time for negotiations. For dry cargo, tankers, chemicals (no parcel cargoes), LPG and LNG.

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Add more vessels and cargoes and have a TCE comparison in seconds

A workspace will be created when you select a cargo or vessel so you quickly can add vessels and cargoes, and compare the USD/day for the different cargo alternatives.

Quickly create a voyage calculation from any vessel or cargoes

Start from any vessel by searching for a vessel or click on a vessel in the map. Start from any cargo by clicking on the cargo.

Team cargo list (with ChatGPT assistance)

Add as many cargoes as you want - manually or with assistance from ChatGPT. Paste an email quote to auto-populate cargo details or parse cargoes from your e-mails to your cargo list.

Avoid conflict of interests with cargo statuses

Avoid conflict of interests in the team by following the cargo status. Follow the live cargo status update (pt. available or in negotiation).

Voyage calculations and TCE comparisons

Save hours each day by using the voyage calculations. Add vessels and cargoes into your workspace and get the USD/day for all cargo options. Save time and have more time to understand and evaluate the alternatives, and for negotiations.

Add notes to cargoes for team discussion

Discuss which broker to select, if the cargo is real, and decide which colleague has the responsibility for fixing the cargo.

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Voyage Calculation in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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