Vessel Lists

Any company involved in shipping need to make list of vessels. Whether you are a shipbroker, ship owner, equipment supplier, bank, insurance etc. In ShipIntel, you can create unlimited numbers of vessel lists from your laptop or mobile. You can create 5 vessel lists for free and then you can upgrade to create unlimited numbers of vessels. Super easy, useful and super user-friendly.

Always in sync and updates done on your vessel lists from your mobile are synced with your computer and vice versa. Maritime Intelligence at your fingertips.

Enrich your lists and attach live AIS data to the vessels in your lists, so you quickly have their Live AIS data.

Enrich your list and attach historical AIS data on the vessels in your lists, so you quickly can find where all the vessels have been trading in the past. Add notes and photos and share within your team, so all of you are updated, wherever you are.

Create 5 vessel lists for free. Upgrade and create unlimited vessels lists for only €25 per seat/month

Tailormade vessels lists for your needs

Add vessels manually by searching for name or IMO number or use the filters to find type of vessels. You can also bulk upload IMO numbers from your Excel spreadsheets.

View the vessels in lists on your map

View the lists of vessel lists in the map, toogle on and off lists and compare. Super user-friendly. On mobile and web. Live AIS and the map shows where the vessels are heading, if they are in ballast or laden condition, current speed etc. If your prefer to have the vessels listed in a table, you can sort and filter the way you want.

Technical vessel details

Find technical vessel details attached to each vessel, including summer dwt and draft, TPC, cubic capacity, LOA, beam, flag, and more.

Vessel list notifications and notes

Set notifications when vessels set a destination and later change it, when they enter and leave anchorages or ports. You can also set notifications when they passing specific lines that are important to you. Add notes to the list like "These vessels  are for sale" or "These vessels are operated by Odfjell".

Attach Live AIS data

View live AIS data for each vessel in your list. Find if the vessels are in ballast or laden condition. You will also find the current speed and when the last AIS message was received. The last port and next port, ETAs.

Attach historical AIS data

Find which anchorages and ports they have been visited. Find time they spent waiting at an anchorage and time spent in ports. On each voyage leg you will find whether the vessels are in ballast or in laden condition.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Vessel Lists in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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