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Save a lot of time searching for your notes and comments written down on pieces of paper. In ShipIntel you can add notes to vessels, ports, list of vessels or list of ports. Add the notes on your go, from your mobile phone or laptop. Find all the notes you and your colleagues have added in your notebook. Search by using free text. Filter by author, name of vessels or ports or find notes added for a specific period of time.

Examples of notes might be:

@Richard, DHT Hawk is scheduled to arrive Rotterdam on the 28th of August. When you embark the vessel remember to take some photos of the manifold on the port side. They are leaking and we need to discuss how to repair them.

@DnV will join me when I visit the vessel in Hamburg

@See the attached drawings for the new terminal in Puerto Drummond

Easily add notes to vessels, ports, cargoes, lists of vessels and lists of ports

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Attach notes to all type of activities

Add notes to vessels, ports, lists, cargoes, and more - just look for the notes options!

Add unlimited notes for free

Your team can add an unlimited number of notes, accessible to all members.

Easily search, filter and find your team's notes

Filter by name on any of your team colleagues.

Advanced free-search with filters and sorting

Use the free search or filter by type of activity (subject) you want to find.

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