Sea Route Calculator

Though the sea route calculator is not a navigational tool for navigators, we are very proud of our sea route calculator. We recommend comparing the ShipIntel sea route calculator with any other sea route calculators out there.

In ShipIntel, you can create, save and send sea routes calculated from any of the vessel's real-time AIS positions to any port or combination of ports, or you can route between ports. You will get warnings if you try to route a vessel through a canal or strait if the canal constraints show that your vessel is too large to pass.

The sea route calculator is excellent for cases such as your vessel is on its way to Tubarao with an ETA on the 1st of March, and your broker asks if your vessel can go to Itaqui instead and ask when she will be there. Or, you are asked to give 3 new discharge options after you have fixed the vessel and are asked when you can arrive and to quote a freight rate.

Create sea routes for free and get unlimited access for €20 per seat/month

Route from any port or vessels' live AIS positions

Search or click on vessels and ports and start adding the ports. Add layers of information like ice, weather, ECA or war zones or find the bunker ports along the route.

Minimize distance in ECA zones

Minimize the distance in ECA zones and find the calculated carbon emissions if you change speed and type of bunkers. Drag the line to adjust the sea route, just the way you want.

Get alternative sea routes to a destination

Want to go through canals or via known waypoints? Get the optional sea routes to a destination and find the constrains along the searoute. Click on the preferred route.

Route a vessel to multiple destinations

Create sea routes to multiple discharge ports from any of the vessel's Live AIS position, find the ETAs and distances to the selected ports.

Find which vessels will arrive at a port first

If you have a vessel running tight on the laycan dates, quickly find a replacement with a better ETA.

Save and send a sea route to an external partner

Send Sea Routes with different sea route options to external partners and discuss which route is the preferred.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Sea Route Calculator in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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