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When vessels are queuing up at anchorage that means congestion, and congestion might mean loss of time and money. There might be several reasons for vessel queuing up like delays at the berths, technical problems with the port facilities, pilot strikes, sickness, lack of cargo etc., and incidents like these might rapidly lead to a traffic blockage.

In ShipIntel you can tailor-make lists of ports that your vessels are visiting frequently to build a better understanding about the ports. Create unlimited numbers of port lists based on type of cargo and countries for free.

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Monitor the ports and anchorages activity

Get alerts when the vessels you are following arrive or depart the anchorages and ports you want to monitor.

Create unlimited numbers of port lists

Create unlimited lists of ports matching your needs, like coal ports in Australia or crude terminals in AG for free. Add them as layers to your map.

Detailed port statistics

Analyze the congestion at specific anchorages and ports. Find the vessel by name and segment, but also the numbers.

Find the historical port visits

Find historical port arrivals and departures for all type of vessels in all ports. Find median waiting time at anchorages or time spent for cargo operation for different type of vessels in any port. Filter for segment or period of time.

Live AIS port traffic

Find which vessels are waiting at anchorages or are loading or discharging in ports. Viewd in tables or visualized in your map.

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Port Lists in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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