Port & Area Monitoring

Time is money in shipping, and it is important to monitor vessels and time spent at anchorage and in ports. When vessels are queuing up at anchorage that means congestion, and congestion might mean loss of time and money. There might be several reasons for vessel queuing up like delays at the berths, technical problems with the port facilities, pilot strikes, sickness, lack of cargo etc., and incidents like these might rapidly lead to a traffic blockage.

In ShipIntel you can monitor which vessels have arrived at an anchorage or a port and find average time spent at anchorage or in ports per segment (for example tankers) and subsegment (Aframax). You will also find how many and which vessels are expected to arrive which helps you estimate expected congestion.

Port & Area Monitoring

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Find which vessels are reported incoming

Find how many and which vessels are reported incoming to a port or an area. Be notified when vessels set a destination or later change it.

Detailed port statistics

Analyze the congestion at specific anchorages and ports. Find the vessel by name and segment, but also the numbers.

Vessel line-crossing alerts

Find which and how many vessels have crossed specific lines (like Passero and the Strait of Gibraltar), during the last 24 hours. Receive alerts when vessels are crosses the lines.

Select the area you want to explore

Analyze vessel traffic in pre-defined areas like canals, EEZ, ECA, war zones and shipping areas. Find which vessels and how many vessels there are in the specific areas you want to follow.

Live AIS port traffic

View vessels at anchorage and ports in tables or visualized in your map. Be notified when vessels arrive anchorages and ports or if they leave.

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Processed and mapped live AIS presented in ShipIntel owned by Maritime Optima AS.

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