Maritime Contact Book

Save hours each day with your maritime team contact book and upload your Outlook contact book and tag vessels or lists of vessels to your contacts and companies. View the vessels in your list in the map with real-time AIS positions.

Search for the different types of companies. Find the roles of your contact. Create list of vessels by using the type companies in your contact book and follow their vessel in your list in real-time on your map.

Find a log with current operational information attached to each vessel in your list (such as status (sailed from, moored etc), last visited port, reported destination, condition (assume laden or ballast), and when we last updated the vessels AIS information.

Find where your clients' vessels have been trading in the past. Add notes and comments and have a light CRM system in your porcket.Integrated with Facetime and WhatsApp. Click on the contact's phone number from your mobile and call or use  WhatsApp!

Import contacts from Outlook 365 and link up to 5 vessels per company

Upgrade to connect more vessels and access all the features below.

Connect vessels to companies

Link vessels to companies and get an overview of vessels' company relationships.

Bulk upload from Outlook 365

Bulk upload from your Microsoft 365 Outlook and auto-link them to their companies to build a maritime contact book.

Attach technical vessel details

View the technical details of the vessels you add to companies.

Attach live AIS data

View live AIS data for vessels you add to companies, like last and next port, load conditions, and more.

Attach historical AIS data

View where the vessels you add to companies have been trading in the past.

Call contacts from your mobile

Click or search for vessels, find them in your map, and then effortlessly call the client from your phone, WhatApp or Facetime.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Maritime Contact Book in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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