Historical AIS Data

Historical AIS data gives insight into the vessels' historical trading patterns and the ports they have been visiting. The historical AIS data consist of AIS data from satellites, terrestrial senders and dynamic AIS sources.

ShipIntel spend time and knowledge in processing, cleaning and unifying this complex data to ensure you get the most valuable insights. We map when vessels change flag and MMSI number, so we can provide a continuous record of historical AIS data. You can also find if the vessel is in a laden or ballast condition.

You can select the specific period you want to study. Our filters allow you to see how often vessels have visited a specific port and which ports they have visited before they arrived at a port.

We are partners with Orbcomm and Spire.

Find out where vessels have been trading in the past

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Find the vessels' last port of calls

Search for the vessels by name or IMO number. Just click on the vessels in the map and find the last port they visited.

Historical data in a table or as AIS tracks in maps

Click on any historical AIS voyage leg in the table and find the corresponding track in the map. Each leg has timestamps with AIS speed and lat long coordinates.

Detailed historical AIS data log

You will find a detailed trading log attached to all the vessels. You can filter and find trading patterns for specific period of times.

Historical log for all the vessels in a list

Find which anchorages and ports they have been visited. Find time they spent waiting at an anchorage and time spent in ports.

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Historical AIS Data in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS

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