People working within the maritime industry spend hours searching for relevant documents when they need them. Documents might be charterparties, GA plans, capacity plans, insurance schemes, information about the crew etc.

You don't need to change the master file. In ShipIntel you can have all documents synced from your main folders to your ShipIntel subscription which will be like a mirror. Making it super quick to access the documents when you need them.

ShipIntel is your maritime office in your pocket

Upload and manage documents for vessels and ports, and make it easily available for the team from your mobile and laptop devices.

Upload + attach documents to vessels & ports

Quickly find your team documents attached to vessels, ports, lists and more.

Attach vessel documents

Attach any vessel documents such as: CP, technical details, GA plan, capacity plans, etc, under the vessel's documents and drawings tab.

Attach port documents

Attach any port documents such as: terminals specs, technical requirements, agent info, etc, under the port's documents and drawings tab.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Charterparties, GA plans and documents in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS.

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Each module costs between €10 and €25 per seat per month.

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