Cargo lists

It is very quickly to do voyage calculations on many vessels and cargeos and compare the USD/day for the different options so you can optimise the uSD/day for your fleet.

So time is money and every hour you save from doing voyage calculations you can spend on evaluating the alternative available voyages and to negotiate the best freight rate.

Use ChatGPT and get the cargoes sent to your team by e-mail and let the AI bot parse them to a structured table so the cargoes are easily accessible to your team for quick voyage calculations.

The cargoes have statuses so you will quickly find whom in your team is working any of the cargoes in the market and find whether the cargo is available or fixed. Discuss the cargos available with your team members by adding notes.

For dry cargo, tankers, chemicals, LPG and LNG.

Quickly do voyage calculations for vessels and cargoes and compare USD/day for the available alternatives

Start for free and add more value by upgrading the Voyage Calculation module (€25).

Team cargo library (with ChatGPT assistance)

Add as many cargoes as you want - manually or with assistance from ChatGPT. Paste an email quote to auto-populate cargo details.

Avoid conflict of interests with cargo statuses

Avoid conflicts of interest with your colleagues working in the same market. Keep track of the cargoes with live cargo statuses (available, in evaluation).

Add notes to cargoes for team discussion

Discuss which broker to select, if the cargo is real, and decide which colleague has the responsibility for fixing the cargo.

Quickly calculate from any cargo

Quickly perform voyage calculations starting with any cargo.

Pre-voyage calculations and TCE comparisons

Save hours each day calculating! Make more qualified decisions for negotiations by quickly comparing TCEs for multiple vessels and cargoes.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Cargo lists in ShipIntel by Maritime Optima AS.

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