Thorleif Thorleifsson

Meet Maiken - Head of Customer Success and Sales

Hi Maiken! Welcome to Maritime Optima! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m 27 from Bergen and I have lived in Oslo since 2016. I’m an extremely social person, and love meeting new people. Growing up, I was always in the stable, but these days you’ll find me at the gym, at a café or bar, or on a walk with friends.

Tell us a little bit about your background? Your education? What are your interests? What have you been doing before you joined Maritime Optima?

I have an MS.c in Business with a major in Leadership & Change from BI Norwegian Business School. While pursuing my degree, I worked in the Norwegian Shipbrokers’ Association, which is where I really got into shipping. I love how social and international shipping is. The mix between the analytical and commercial/social aspects is really where I thrive. Prior to my studies, I worked with door to door sales, so I believe that the mix between my academic, social and professional experience has prepared me for my role in Maritime Optima. I also love traveling, and you’ll often find me on weekend trips around Europe with friends.

What will be your responsibilities in Maritime Optima?

My responsibilities in Maritime Optima are sales and customer success for ShipIntel. This means that my main job is to increase the number of active  and paying users to ShipIntel. This means that I will be a customer contact for many of our customers, and work with selling modules to new and existing customers.

There are so many “digital maritime initiatives” / start-ups - what do you think is unique with Maritime Optima?

I believe that the foundation of Maritime Optima really makes it unique. It is really built with a strong data foundation, making the product “easy” to adapt and making it equipped to evolve. There is also a great team with people who really want to deliver a great product and develop new solutions to further improve the product.

What do you think a tech start-up needs to have or do in order to be successful?

The first basis has to be that there has to be a need for the product. The product then needs to be developed properly, and then communicated properly to the user. This means that the team creating the product needs to be motivated and really have a drive for what they are doing. If one achieves this, the marketing and sales teams’ jobs are substantially easier!

Anything else you want to share with us Maiken?

I’m so excited to get started properly! I truly believe in ShipIntel and the people behind it - so this will be a fun journey to take part in!

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