Maritime Management

The Management in a shipping or trading company is always driven by their commercial knowhow and network. They are curious to explore the market opportunities and to understand the underlying risks. In order to lead their organisations into a digitalised future, one of their responsibilities is to secure a flexible and user-friendly software, assisting their team to be agile, maximise earnings, reduce emissions and handle the risk.

Use ShipIntel to:

Quickly have an overview of your market segments.

Quickly find where your vessels are in real-time (from your laptop or your mobile).

Search, find vessels and create lists of vessels and add the lists as layers to your map.

Quickly find where your competitors are trading.

Quickly do a back of the envelope pre-voyage calculation.

Maritime intelligence driven by quality data and knowledge

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If you want to export data for your private analysis and models, you can contact us to discuss.

Identifying berths from AIS data

Vessel destination forecasting based on historical data

3-dimensions for improving shipping market intelligence models

A quick overview of the supply side

Quickly get an overview of a vessel segment (for example dry cargo) and sub-segments (for example Panamax) you have an interest in. The vessel positions are updated close to real-time since we are connected to more than 700 AIS satellites and terrestrial senders.

If you click on a vessel, you will find which port she sailed from and where she is heading. You will also find her speed and whether she might be laden or in ballast.

Search and find any vessel by name, size, IMO number, flag, type etc. You can also make lists of vessels so you much quicker find them in your map.

View Vessel Voyage History - find out where the vessels has been trading

Maritime Optima has access to more than 600 satellites and terrestrial senders. We sync the vessel positions with our backend every 10 minutes.

You can view where any of the vessels have been traded in the past. Click on a vessel's position and check its last port, the real-time position and the next port. Our Vessel Voyage History tool is very convenient and easy to use. It can be viewed as a table with ports (here you can view the vessel's historical trading pattern), and as the map - you also can track the history of vessel routes right on the map.

On your mobile you will find Vessel Voyage History feature as a list of ports, and on the laptop you will find both the table and the map feature.

Find your competitors fleet on the map

Create lists of your vessels or lists of vessels owned or operated by some other company. The vessels in your list will be marked with a circle.  You can create as many lists of vessels as you like.

You can add your teams fleet to your map, so you always know where your vessels are. Hover over the vessels in the list or the vessel icons in the map.

Add layers of information if you want to check out some specific information, like carbon emissions.

Check the weather, find where your vessels are and when they will be safe in ports

We have put hours of work and used different technologies to create the sea route calculator. Since we also provide real-time AIS, you can calculate the distance from any of the vessels on your map. You can drag the line if you want to add waypoints (just like in Google maps), or you can add layers of information like weather, piracy, ice etc.

Add marine weather layers and open the sea route calculator by clicking on the vessel page. You can calculate distance from any vessel to any port.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.

Your work is synced between your devices

A personal and a team activity log. Get notifications when a colleague adds information or makes some changes.
Data and activities are synced between your devices, so you and your team are always updated. Same login on your mobile or laptop.
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We believe in data and knowledge-driven maritime commercial decisions

Our goal is to develop a modern, user-friendly maritime software, and we think the best approach is to work together with the users.

By using ShipIntel, your team will save many hours every day reading emails, run voyage calculations and write e-mails with offers. They will have more time to explore, study and understand the drivers for change and the underlying risk involved and your team can expand their knowledge and contribute more in strategic discussions.

They can save hours in punching in the same data, build the companies private cargo library and avoid repeating errors AND your company will save a lot of money on software, on maintenance and upgrades since ShipIntel is in modules with an affordable price.

Contact us, and let us know what you need, so we can discuss and develop a useful maritime software together.