Ship Brokers

Money and risk quickly changes hands due to market fluctuations. As a ship brokers you are the decision makers most trusted partner. Information circulated by the global network of shipbrokers has always and will continue to be of utmost importance in the commercial value chain. Such information might be; where and when vessels are expected to become available (open) for new employment, available cargoes, and freight settlements (fixtures). Ship brokers also play an important role in negotiations and solving disputes.

ShipIntel for Ship Brokers:

Get a quick overview of any market segment in real-time.

Create unlimited numbers of position lists and share those with your clients.

Quickly access where the vessels have been traded in the past (vessel historical voyage data).

Help your clients be more efficient when they do voyage calculations and help them reducing the number of emails.

Save hours each day doing voyage pre-calculations for a group of vessels and cargoes, quick to compare the TCE and carbon emissions for a group of vessels, and super quick to make the first offer.

Get clients to give you their indications/offers quicker.

Step 1: Get a quick overview of the supply side

Select the segment (for ex: dry cargo, tanker) and sub-segment (Panamax, tankers, etc) you work with and follow the vessels AIS positions in the map. You can search for vessels using different criteria or you can create lists of your client's vessels and add them as layer to your map.

Click on any vessel in the map and get info on the vessels last port of call and next port, speed and whether we assume she is laden or in ballast.

2. Create position lists to find vessels able to reach specific laycans and ports

Do you have a cargo and want to find vessels available for your cargo? or Do you have a Aframax vessel competing for a cargo and want to find your competitors ? Then you should use the super user friendly position lists in Maritime Optima. You can run and store position lists from your laptop as well as from you mobile device.

Select the criteria which are important for you such as; segment and size, draft, LOA, Beam. year built etc. and get an estimated time of arrival to your selected port.

If you hover on the list, you will find the vessels position in the map. If you know some vessels are fixed for something else you can hide the the vessel from your position list.

3. The sea route calculator helps you to find vessels able reach a tight laycan due to a cancellation

Some might remember when Erik Loy Sr. launched the digital Dataloy distance table and moved the industry away from the BP distance table book. Today you will find many digital sea route calculators, so why use the ShipIntel sea route calculator?

You can route from your mobile and your computer. We have used several technologies to estimate efficient "roads" at sea, thus this is not a navigational tool for professional.

You can add layers as weather, piracy or information on the ECA zones and available bunker port along your route layer.

You can calculate a sea route from any vessels AIS positions, to any port, or from and to ports.

4. Quick access to the vessels trading history

As a broker you are an advisor and an important partner for the decision makers. They will ask for your advice and we want to assist you to save time on finding information so you have more time to study and explore.

A vessel voyage history log is attached to each vessel so you quickly can find where specific vessels have been trading in the past. You can either study each vessel's historical trading pattern visualised in your map or in a table. If you click in the table you will find the track visualised in the map.

If your prefer to have the vessels listed on a full scale, you can click on "More details" on the vessel page.

Screenshot of Maritime Optima Pro on a laptop.

Your work is synced between your devices

A personal and a team activity log. Get notifications when a colleague adds information or makes some changes.
Data and activities are synced between your devices, so you and your team are always updated. Same login on your mobile or laptop.
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We believe in data and knowledge-driven maritime decisions

Our goal is to develop a modern, user-friendly maritime software, and we think the best approach is to work together with the users.

By using ShipIntel, you will help your clients save many hours every day reading emails, run voyage calculations and write emails. Most likely you will receive their offers quicker which helps you to obtain their commitment.

You can spend less time pushing emails and more time providing quality information to your clients and make your service even more important for your clients.

Contact us, and let us know what you need, so we can discuss and develop a useful maritime software together.