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Vessel Center

Access information on more than 65 000 vessels divided into segments and sub-segments. Make a copy of the vessels' public questionnaires. Save the copy as your private questionnaire for each vessel, edit and add information. Search and find lists of vessels matching your search criteria.
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Vessel data on more than 65 000 vessels

Make a copy of the public questionnaire and create a private questionnaire for each vessel

We have acquired some technical data on each vessel and we have made this data available for all users of Maritime Optima. The public questionnaire is a view and search template.

So the frist time you enter Maritime Optima, you should copy the public questionnaire template and create your private version. You can then edit and add technical data in your private version.

The technical template attached to each vessel is inspired by Q88, Baltic Form, C-Form, and B-Form. The questionnaires are organized in searchable sections. So if you want to find the dwt of a vessel? Type "dwt" in the Section part and you'll quickly find the relevant sections containing info on the "dwt".

Real time AIS positions and voyage history on more than 65 000 vessels

Access real-time AIS positions on more than 65 000 vessels from more than 70 AIS satellites. The vessels are organised into segments and sub-segments so you can select the segment and sub segments you prefer. Add the colour you like on the sub-segments, so you quickly can recognise the vessels in your map.

If you chose to upgrade to the Standard plan you can access every vessel's trading history.

The standard plan also unlocks many other features. Read more about the standard subscription on our pricing page.

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Advanced search helps you quickly find the vessels you want. Create lists of the vessels and add them as layers on your map

Suppose you fix ethylene cargoes regularly and prefer Solvang's vessels when they have a vessel in position for your cargoes. Create a list of "semi-ref / ethylene carriers" owned or operated by Solvang.

Traders can create lists of vessels they frequently fix, to know where those vessels are so they can ask them for a "P&C freight quote."

A panamax chartering manager can create lists of vessels and monitor its competitors; one list for each competitor in different colors.

An investor or a person working for a classification company can create a list of vessels they want to buy or inspect. They can follow these vessels on their map to know where the vessels are headed and plan for their inspections.

Or maybe you just want to know which LPG vessels are not older than 5 years.

In your private workspace you can upload photos, drawings, or documents, or shoot a photo attached directly to any of the vessels

Suppose you are working a vessel in the market but you can't remember how the tanks look like. Ask the captain to take a photo and the photo is directly attached to the vessel and synced so you immediately can access the photo. You can add comments, discuss with the captain and learn whether the tank's coating is OK for the cargo you know is available in the market.

Add comments and notes, and you access the photo and comments later.

You can also upload documents like the vessels capacity plans and GA plans and you can access these drawings and documents from any of your device whenever you need it.

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