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Team Features

Maritime Optima aims to make maritime team communication efficient, so you can get more work done, whether you are a private person, belong to a large enterprise, or a small business.
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Work in private or set up a team

Intuitive user management. You only pay per active seat. Add seats or deactivate seats any time during your subscription.

You can invite members to your team for a period of time so they can contribute with their knowledge. A temporarily team member might be a captain, a broker or a student. When they have contributed with their input, you can deactivate their access and their work will remain within the team.

When you deactivate a user, you can invite in a new user for a seat, with no additional payment. You can also revoke invites sent if the person has not accepted your invitation.

If you upgrade to the Standard plan, you can make sure all members in your team have to log into your team with a specific e-mail address (name @maritimeoptima.com).

Add notes and create your private notebook

Many people add notes in a paper book, and the note/comment can be hard to find later. That's why we have made it possible to add a digital note to almost anything:  a vessel or a vessel list, a port or a port list, a photo, document, contact etc. So instead of writing in your physical notebook, you can add a "digital note" from your mobile or the web and easily search and find your comments in your notebook.

When you have created notes, it is super easy to search and find the notes from your notebook.

Start using the notebook today and you will save a lot of time.

Available on desktop and mobile

Get Maritime Optima everywhere and access your account from any device!

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You or your team has a log showing the you or your team's activity

You can receive notifications on your mobile when a team member adds some information, create lists, add or edit documents, add images or notes to a vessel, port, port lists, vessel list etc.

A user log will keep track of your or your teams activity (Standard plan)

You can also track information or sections you or your team have shared with someone outside your team.

If you add seats and invite members to you team, you can collaborate and you will save a lot of time


All of you can add information you receive from the market, tag the info on vessels or ports.
You can create lists of vessels or ports, you can add notes, photos, drawings, contact details and technical data.

Add phone numbers and e-mails in a shared contact register tagged on a vessel or a port.

Everything you or your team adds, is your private information but accessible for everyone in the team.

You have access to your or your teams work from your computer and from your mobile device (iOS and Android)

With notifications and a user-log you can easily track the activity in your team.

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