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Chartering Tools

Use our smart chartering software for commercial planning. With our tools you will be able to access vessels voyage history for 65 000 vessels. View last port, real-time position and next port for any vessel. Use a quick Route Estimator to calculate the distance, time and estimated fuel consumption - from any vessel’s real-time position in the map and to a specific port, or between several ports and vessels.
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Chartering Tools: Position lists, Route Estimator and Vessel Voyage History

Create and work with Position Lists

Create position lists and view the vessels' positions on the map. Check their ETAs based on a specific speed and get notifications on updates.

Change your criteria any time and find more vessels added to your position list (no vessels are removed from your list). You can hide the vessels or add notes.

A note might be, "DHT Raven is fixed for a cargo ex Ras Tanura for Exxon, so she is not available for this cargo". Remember, that you can add the vessel back to your position list any time.

An example of the position list: All the Panamax dry cargo vessels able to reach Gladstone within 20th – 30th ofMarch.

View Vessel Voyage History - find out where the vessel has been trading

Maritime Optima has access to more than 600 satellites and terrestrial senders. We sync the vessel positions with our backend every 10 minutes.

You can view where any of the vessels have been traded in the past. Click on a vessel's position and check its last port, the real-time position and the next port. Our Vessel Voyage History tool is very convenient and easy to use. It can be viewed as a table with ports (here you can view the vessel's historical trading pattern), and as the map - you also can track the history of vessel routes right on the map.

On your mobile you will find Vessel Voyage History feature as a list of ports, and on the laptop you will find both the table and the map feature.

Available on desktop and mobile

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Add comments and notes to any vessel

You can add notes to almost anything in Maritime Optima software: vessels, ports, vessel lists, port lists, photos, albums or documents. No need to write your notes down any more. Just add digital notes from your mobile or web, save them in one system, and easily search and find your comments later.

Examples of the notes:

@Pål-Robert: We intend to change crew on this vessel when she arrives in Houston mid August. Please let the technical department know the contact details of the agent as soon as possible.

@Chartering: I am working this vessel for a 12 months TC to Exxon for USD / day 40 000. The vessel might be gone upon completion discharging in Houston. Will know latest by end of July.

@Chartering: Fearnleys told me that Shell has fixed this vessel for 6 months for USD 47 500, delivery USG mid August, redelivery UK /Cont.

Route Estimator: Calculate the distance, time and bunker consumption between vessels or ports

This is an instrument super smooth to use - and it is available cross platforms.

Do a quick check on distance, time and fuels consumption from any of the vessels to any of the ports, or between ports or vessels.

Add info layers such as weather maps, ice, ECA zones etc.

Add waypoints, or change the route by dragging the line (the same as you do in Google maps), and the route will quickly be recalculated.

We will continue developing the Route Estimator and other tools based on feedback from our users. So if you would like us to add a new feature or change anything - register a free user account, test it and send us your feedback.

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