More than 80.000 vessels
in a vessel database

Vessel data is a wide concept. We combine the AIS data streams with publicly available vessel data and data acquired through our partner companies. We add our industry knowledge, time in cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets. In Maritime Optima you will find dynamic trading data and technical descriptions. In your private room, your chambre séparée, you can add your private vessel data and share your experience with your colleagues.

What kind of vessel data can you find in Maritime Optima?

In Maritime Optima we divide vessel data into different categories:

1. Public AIS - Dynamic Trading Data

Every second we collect AIS data for more than 80.000 vessels from more than 700 AIS satellites and terrestrial senders. We update the vessel positions every 10th minute. You will find the last port and next port with ETA for the vessels define as the active fleet.

You will also find where the vessels have been trading in the past and whether the vessel most likely are performing a laden or a ballast voyage.

2. Technical descriptions

We have collected some technical information on more than 80.000 vessels and sorted the data into questionnaire templates inspired by Q88, Baltic Form, C-Form and B-Form.

Static technical description

Here you will find some technical descriptions of the active vessels, that never changes throughout the life of a vessel: like information on summer dwt, summer draft, LOA and beam. Later, as a Enterprise subscriber, you will be able to access the total fleet for your private analysis. We collect and pay for vessel data from publicly available sources.

Dynamic Technical Description

You will find information on certificates and expiry dates, insurance, change of ownership, flag, different types of ownership (commercial owner, disponent owner, registered owner, technical manager etc).

We are frequently updating the public vessel description and we have added value by using different technologies for estimating the TPC and speed & performance numbers, which helps you to estimate cargo intake when you do pre-calculations. You can search within the questionnaire templates for any technical description like "dwt" and "cubic".

You can copy any of the public questionnaires and make your private copies.

If you want to build your private chambre séparée, or if you find some of the information incorrect, you can overwrite and store the corrected information in your private questionnaire. The information you add will only be available for you and your colleagues.

Within your private questionnaire you will be able to search for any technical description. Use the Vessel Exchange to send sections of the questionnaire to your external partners; like the class or the Technical Manager, and ask them to help you update the technical description of any of the vessels. So you and your colleagues can always have access to an updated technical description.

Use the Vessel Exchange to send technical documentation to your external partners

You can also use the vessel exchange to send technical documentation on any vessel as a documentation, for example after you have fixed the vessel, sold the vessel or to one of your external partners like; your bank, insurance company or broker. A user log will show whom you or your colleagues have shared information with.

3. Your private folder

Photos and documents

Shoot photos from your mobile directly attached to any vessel (or port) and you will save a lot of time searching for photos and documents. If you visit or inspect a vessel you can create an album to store the photos and name them. For example "Hamburg visit 20. Aug 2021" or "Dry dock Singapore Oct 2020".

You can store and access any type of documents and attach it to any vessel so you can quickly access charterparties, B/L, technical drawings or any other documents attached to any of the vessels.

If you want to become an Enterprise customer we can help syncing your photos and documents with Sharepoint/OneDrive through Microsoft Exchange so you can view them in Maritime Optima (this is an enterprise feature).

Private contact details to your partners

On each vessels you can add contact details for different types of owners (registered, disponent, commercial, TC owners etc), or the technical manager, crewing agents or any other external party you frequently contact. Then you can click on the contact details from any vessel from your mobile and call your partners.

Private notes

You and your colleagues can add "a digital note" to any of the vessels from your mobile or your laptop. These notes are synced to all your devices and you can easily search and find your and your colleagues notes later.

Examples of notes attached to a vessel might be:

@Pål-Robert: We intend to change crew on this vessel when she arrives in Houston mid August. Please let the technical department know the contract details of the agent as soon as possible.
@Chartering: I am working this vessel for a 12 months TC to Exxon for USD/day 40 000. The vessel might be gone upon completion discharging in Houston. Will know latest by end of July.
@Chartering: Fearnleys told me that Shell has fixed this vessel for 6 months for USD 47 500, delivery USG mid August, redelivery UK /Cont.
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