Team fleet, position lists
and list of vessels

Set up your team’s fleet and assign vessels between colleagues so you quickly find who among your colleagues are responsible for fixing the vessel when they are open. Run position lists to find vessels available for your cargoes. Create private lists of vessels for different purposes. Your can add all type of lists as layers to your map.

Manage your fleet in Maritime Optima

Set up your team's fleet

Your time is important. By using "Team Fleet" and "My fleet" you can quickly find where your vessels are in the map, which vessels are open and when they are open and whom in your team is responsible for working the vessel in the market. You can quickly do voyage calculations for all the vessels in your fleet.

Start by inviting your colleagues into your team, so you can assign vessels to each of them. Each colleague will be assigned a list of the vessels under their responsibility.

You can filter to find the vessels you are responsible for and you can quickly do voyage pre-calculations on your fleet of vessels and compare the TCE results between the vessels in your fleet.

You can add your company’s fleet on the map as a layer, or you can add the fleet each of your colleague is responsible for.

Work with vessel lists

There can be many reasons to create specific lists of vessels. One might be because you have some specific vessels you want to follow. Another reason might be to always have a quick overview of your competitors lists.

You can attached notes and documents on any lists of vessels or on each vessel in your list, so you and your colleagues can share your knowledge and experience.

Here are some examples of why you should create vessel lists:

Create position lists to find vessels able to reach specific ports within specific dates

Use position lists to check which vessels you are competing against or which vessels are able to reach a specific port within specific dates (Laycans) to lift your cargo.

Hover over the list, and find the vessels' position on the map and find their estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the selected port.

Clean the list by using information supported by the brokers, your competence, your network and knowhow and hide vessels you find not interesting.

Add a note/comment on the vessel like: “The vessel is fixed to Shell for TC, will be open in Rotterdam end Oct” to better remember and understand why the vessel was not interesting for you.

Work with port lists

You can search for ports and create a list of ports matching your search criteria, for example "Tanker ports in AG”, or "Iron ore ports in India". You can attached notes and documents on any lists of ports or on each port in your list, so you and your colleagues can share your knowledge and experience. You can create as many lists of vessels or ports as you like.

Add your team's fleet, position lists, vessel or port lists as layers to your map

Open the menu on the right and select your fleet and the vessels will be listed and marked in your map with a circle. If you hover over the vessel listed or the icons in the map, you will find some information on the vessels.

Combine your knowledge and data with a user-friendly software

Use “My fleet” to organize your team/colleagues. Create lists of vessels and ports that you frequently work with. Create position lists to find vessels for your cargoes or which vessels you compete with.
Study the voyage history of vessels and the vessel activity in ports. Add information while working the vessel or cargo in the market and it will be quick and easy to find the information later.

You can also run voyage calculations from your team's fleet, for vessels in a position lists or from any list of vessels you create. The voyage calculations are done in seconds 😉

By using Maritime Optima you will notice that you save a lot of time, maybe make more qualified and quicker decisions, and have more time available for other value creating tasks.

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