Sea route calculator

A smart sea route calculator for laptops and mobiles with ECA, SECA zones, weather, piracy info, ice etc. Calculate the distance, time and bunker consumption for any of the 80.000 vessels AIS position. From the vessels AIS position to any ports, or from any port-to-port or from vessel-to-vessel.

A smart sea route calculator for laptops and mobiles

The sea route calculator will give you the shortest route from any port to port, or from any vessel's position in the map to any port. If you want to change the route; click and drag the route (same as you do in Google maps), and the route will quickly be re-calculated.

Why use the Maritime Optima smart Sea Route Calculator?

Some might remember when Erik Loy Sr. launched the digital Dataloy distance table and the industry left the BP distance table book in the 90's in favour of the Dataloy's digital distance table. Today you will find many digital sea route calculators, so why use the Maritime Optima sea route calculator?

Since there are no roads at sea, we have been using many different technologies while developing the Sea Route Calculator, and we have added information about canals and straits constrains, to avoid routing vessels through canals if they are too large for the canal constrains. We have also been using machine learning and added AIS tracks for different type and size of vessels to find where the different vessels have been sailing. Thus this is not a navigational tool for professional.

Use the sea route calculator from your laptop or mobile device and find time and the distance from any vessel's AIS position to any port. If you want to check out the weather forecast to find if you should expect any delays due to bad weather, turn on the marine weather forecast layer. You can also select; ice or piracy which we update every 24th hours, or ECA and economical zones.

If you want to calculate the sea distance from any of the vessel’s position to any port to find the deviation time, just click on the vessel and choose the sea route calculator on the vessel card. Click and drag the line to find the route you prefer (just as you do inGoogle maps). The sea route calculator is excellent for cases such as: a vessel is en route to Tubarao, and your broker asks if your vessel can go to Ponta da Madeira instead and when she will be there.

Combine layers of information with the sea route calculator

You can add the layers of information you prefer like weather, ECA / SECA zones, piracy etc or switch between default maps and satellite mode. Here are some of the layers your can combine with the Sea Route Calculator: 

Check deviation from existing position in time and distance

If your vessel is drifting for order (in image below: off WA), click on the vessel and add the possible load ports you consider (in image below: Salvador and Bonny), add weather (in image below: wind) and quickly find the ETA for your vessel in the different loading ports (Salvador and Richards Bay). While you are using the sea route calculator, we will continue improving it with more advanced features and layers of information.

We will continue developing the sea route calculator and we have a dedicated team working with the sea route calculation, so you will find the Sea Route Calculator as a stand-alone feature, in the voyage calculations and as a part of the shipping market intelligence / analytics in combination with machine learning.

If you want to embed the sea route calculator in your software, send us an e-mail so we can discuss.

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