Create and Work with Position Lists

Create position lists and view the vessels’ real-time positions in the map.

Check their ETAs based on the speed you select and get notifications on updates.

Find out who you compete with or which vessels can reach the laycan for your cargo.

A position list might be: find all the Panamax dry cargo vessels able to reach Gladstone within 20th – 30th of March, max 10 years old.

Hide vessels you find not relevant for your laycan, and when you get some news on a vessel from your brokers you can add notes to vessels.

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A maritime office in your pocket

Maritime Optima is a useful and intuitive software, effective from the first time you register a free account.

Working in the maritime industry means you always explore opportunities in a changing market. You continuously collect information to make the right decisions, and you need quick and reliable information about vessels and their operations.

With Maritime Optima you can create a maritime office on your laptop or mobile device, and adjust it to your needs, with many chartering tools available for free.

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